L&K International Partners with T&D Power Skills for Linemen Training

Nov. 29, 2007
L&K international has partnered with T&D Power Skills to offer a complete lineman training program.

L&K International has partnered with T&D Power Skills to offer a complete lineman training program. The program consists of 78 DVDs and workbooks with online availability and customization for site-specific training upon request.

The lineman training focuses on safety-related work practices. The curriculum is designed to help Lineworkers be efficient and safe on the job during overhead, underground, meter, transmission or substation work. Both apprentices and journeymen lineworkers will benefit from T&D PowerSkills training units.

All of the courses are arranged in a comprehensive curriculum. Important fundamentals are covered in Maintenance Basics, such as electrical safety and basic climbing skills, moving on to more advanced topics in Overhead Distribution, such as pole top equipment replacement, and transformer troubleshooting. Specialized training is offered in Underground, Substations and Transmission, as well.

The DVD's are designed to stimulate and involve the trainee in real-life procedures and experiences. Pretests and posttests can be designed by the administrator. The benefits of the Instructor-Led delivery system include:

  • Reduction of learning time
  • Consistency of delivery
  • Better understanding of lineworker safety
  • Field Performance Requirements (FPR) records
  • Increased motivation
  • Greater retention
  • Ease of remedial or refresher training.

According to T&D PowerSkills, "The curriculum is grouped into Lineman 'career tracks.' The progression of the Lineman begins with instruction of Maintenance Basics. Then the apprentice is certified as a "Power line Technician." As a Power line Technician, the career track can take any of three directions: Distribution, Transmission, and Substations & Switchyards. Upon completion of Journeyman Lineman Certification plus all specialty endorsements, ISPC will award a Master Lineman Certification."

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