Seminar Introduced Wind Power Industry

March 4, 2010
This classroom seminar on Introduction to U.S. Wind Power Industry is broken into two basic parts designed to provide a thorough overview of both the technical aspects of wind power as well as market trends currently underlying the industry

The wind power industry is in a period of significant growth, both globally and in the United States. In the United States alone, the wind power market added more than 8300 MW in 2008 of new capacity - 31 percent of the global total. Wind power capacity additions for 2009 in the United States totaled 9900 MW, approximately equating to $20 billion in installation investment. Current projections suggest annual wind capacity additions both in the United States and internationally will increase significantly over the next three to five years by as much as double those magnitudes achieved in 2008 and 2009.

On April 14 in Houston, Texas, PGS is offering a classroom seminar, Introduction to U.S. Wind Power Industry, which is broken into two basic parts designed to provide a thorough overview of both the technical aspects of wind power as well as market trends currently underlying the industry.

Part I of the seminar, The Basics, will provide a general introduction to the wind power industry. It primarily focuses on and clearly explains the fundamentals of wind power, the technology, and the project development, construction, and operational requirements for a wind energy project.

Part II of the seminar, Market Dynamics, in turn provides a comprehensive discussion on U.S. wind industry trends, surfacing opportunities, and evolving challenges. That includes an overview of the wind power market; coverage of key influencing economic and socio-political factors; and a summary of emerging developments. Register today, and learn the fundamentals of this rapidly growing industry.

Seminar Highlights:
  • Background of Wind Energy mechanics, including fundamentals of wind energy, useful informational sources, and the wind power curve.
  • The basics of wind energy technology, including wind turbine design, component parts and turbine types.
  • Covers the wind turbine capacity factor, and how that capacity factor is calculated.
  • Reviews the pros and cons of wind energy, particularly with respect to other forms of electric power generation.
  • An overview of the key elements of a wind energy development project, including site selection, permitting requirements, financing, project economics, grid integration, and local economic development impact.
  • Cover some of the emerging technological advances currently being developed in the wind industry as well as review the implications those advances may present in the future for the industry as a whole.
  • A summary of today's key industry issues and where the global wind power industry is expected to head.

This seminar applies to a wide variety of organizations in the wind power development, electric power, financial, and energy industries. Professionals from banks, energy producers, electric utilities, energy marketers, industrial companies, electric generators, commercial business sector, and municipals will gain insights, as will renewable energy and electric power executives, traders, marketers, (sales, purchasing & risk management professionals), accountants, economists, trading support staff, auditors, attorneys, government regulators, analysts, rate specialists, plant operators, engineers and corporate planners.

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