Corona Inspection Training Institute Established in the U.S.

Sept. 15, 2010
CITI, the corona inspection training institute has been established in the United States to teach, train and educate predictive maintenance engineers

CITI, the corona inspection training institute was established in the United States to teach, train and educate predictive maintenance engineers and provide them with new concepts and methods of using UV inspection to detect and identify faults before they turn into major failures. CITI is an independent entity sponsored by Ofil, operating throughout North America, offering training for certified UViGraphers.

The demand for higher reliability in aging and new electrical grids, together with growing energy consumption, lead energy-related companies seek for new technologies and new NDT elaborated equipment. Manufactures have responded to this need by developing sophisticated, high-end costly inspection cameras using various spectral ranges, and thereby triggering the need for experts such as UViGraphers and thermographers. These are rather new titles for certified trained engineers that diagnose systems, provide prognosis and assist utilities maintain their assets effectively by using UV and IR cameras, respectfully.

At times when diplomas are necessary and smart workers are appreciated, more and more people seek opportunities to promote their status, make a change, and become professionals. Moreover, at times when researches about corona and its effect on reliability are conducted throughout the world by HV laboratories, research institute, academies, utilities etc., there is a greater need for a school such as CITI that can provide the down-to-earth practical sifted information.

CITI - corona inspection training institute, founded in 2009, is the largest independent school for teaching UV inspection with daytime corona cameras for the sake of predictive maintenance. Classes are run throughout the United States, are small and intimate, and cover both theory and practical topics. UViGrapher certificate is issued to students that fulfill requirement and pass the final exam. Currently level 1 is offered. The next class is in Houston, Texas, on Oct. 12-14, 2010.

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