PJ Catron: Accomplishing Something Positive

Feb. 16, 2012
As sales and service manager at Pascor Atlantic Corp., PJ Catron helps customers solve their aging disconnect switch problems every day.

As sales and service manager at Pascor Atlantic Corp., PJ Catron helps customers solve their aging disconnect switch problems every day.

“There is a real sense of satisfaction in helping people get through a difficult task successfully,” Catron said. “The feeling of accomplishing something positive never diminishes.”

Catron has been involved with the electrical industry and air disconnect switches, specifically, for more than 28 years. He has worked for Ghould, Brown Boveri, and ABB prior to joining Pascor Atlantic. During those years, PJ has held various positions as Q.A. manager, procurement manager, customer order engineering manager, and the current position of sales and service manager for Pascor Atlantic. This broad background provides him with a various array of experiences from which he can share within the learning environment.

Catron will be presenting a disconnect switch seminar at the Finepoint Circuit Breaker Test and Maintenance Training Conference on Oct. 5 in Pennsylvania. He will delve into the advantages of bringing older equipment on systems back to "like new" condition, covering telltale signs to look for in your substations that indicate refurbishment is needed. He will perform the actual procedure on a set of live parts and cover all the materials required as well as provide insights on how to avoid missteps along the way to ensure a smoothly run refurbishment project. This is a training experience that can save your company real dollars by choosing refurbishment in lieu of total equipment replacement.

“The average age of the EHV equipment on the ‘grid’ is quickly approaching 50 years of age, most with little or no maintenance performed on it during it’s lifetime. Refurbishment is a very practical and inexpensive way to insure that this old equipment is able to perform when called upon,” Catron said.

Catron has conducted several sessions at Finepoint since 2005. He has also presented at the Hartigan Power Conference in Denver, Colorado; MEA Conferences; and various individual customer sessions (i.e. Duke, Com Ed, ATC, FPL, Southern Company, TVA etc) all over the United States.

Customer service is where Catron really began his career, he said, after completing his production floor experience. He enjoys the interface with a wide variety of people.

“I am not sure honestly whether I chose the career or the career chose me. Either way, here I am,” he said.

Catron also enjoys coaching AAU basketball to youth ages 8 to 16 when he is not helping customers solve problems. He attended King College in Bristol, Tennessee, on a basketball scholarship, so he has the sports experience to share with young people.

“It is an investment in the future of this country,” he said. “Building kids with better character today, establishes better citizens of tomorrow.”

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