ONTILITY Brings NABCEP-Based Solar Training Curriculum to the Web

March 17, 2010
ONTILITY has announced Online Solar Installation Training – Solar Electric Systems (S105) class.

ONTILITY has announced the Online Solar Installation Training – Solar Electric Systems (S105) class. The course teaches the NABCEP Entry Level Photovoltaic learning objectives, and includes the lecture and home study portion of ONTILITY’s Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) accredited solar training course. The new ONTILITY (S105) solar class provides students a more flexible way to obtain the necessary certifications needed in the solar industry.

ONTILITY’s new (S105) course along with the Solar Installation Lab (S106) satisfies the training requirements specified by most utility rebate programs. Taking courses (S105) and (S106) also fulfills the educational requirements of Category 'B' for NABCEP's Solar PV Installer Certification. Additionally, when students complete just the online course (S105), those students will be entitled to become ONTILITY Certified Sales Agents. For students that take both the online course (S105) and the lab (S106), those students will be entitled to become ONTILITY Certified Installers.

Course Overview

ONTILITY’s (S105) online class provides students with basic knowledge of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules, and system components; electrical circuits; PV system design, estimation, and code requirements; solar electric products and applications; an understanding of energy conversion from sunlight to electricity, and how to work with solar conversion equipment.

The course is designed for anyone interested in solar energy, those in career change who are interested in working in the solar energy industry, or contractors and business owners who want to expand into solar energy system design and installation. No prior knowledge or experience with solar energy is required.

The course focuses on real-world, site-specific knowledge and consists of 13 lessons.

In addition to the online lessons, students will receive two textbooks:

  • Photovoltaic Systems by Jim Dunlap
  • Photovoltaic System Design and Installation Manual by Solar Energy International

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