Wade Null: Maintenance Advocate

Aug. 17, 2007
Wade Null retired from Pacific Gas & Electric in 2006 after 40 years in the industry.

Wade Null retired from Pacific Gas & Electric in 2006 after 40 years in the industry. Now he is senior instructor at Czar, Inc. and is an advocate for developing, defining and implementing state-of-the-art substation maintenance programs.

Null will be presenting a course on substation maintenance at T&D World University in October: “Field Perspectives of Reliability-Centered Maintenance.” According to Null, a successful condition-based, reliability-centered, predictive maintenance program is attainable if all of the "right" tools are implemented. The course will emphasize synergism at all levels of management as well as training for a qualified, well-equipped workforce.

The class will underscore proper monitoring techniques, which ensure "just in time" triggers, prevent equipment failures and minimize equipment down time. It will also highlight proper maintenance techniques and procedures, which are mandatory to provide reliable, long-term equipment operation.

Null’s extensive experience has prepared him to teach courses in substation maintenance. His former positions include substation electrician, substation supervisor, maintenance supervisor, substation maintenance specialist, Doble Engineering committee member, and senior substation equipment specialist.

“As a substation technical support specialist, I received numerous calls to resolve problems with equipment in the field,” Null said. “This exposure provided opportunities to work with manufacturers in the design and application of their equipment, identifying problems and issues in design, workmanship, and material improvements.”

Null has also been involved with innovative SF6 gas programs, one of which is being considered by the Federal EPA to be implemented internationally.

At Czar, he now provides training to utility personnel in substation maintenance procedures including diagnostic testing; transformer diagnostics; load tap changers diagnostics and maintenance, lubrication and mechanism service.

Czar was established in 1999 by Butch Zimmerman and has always had one focus: people. The company was built upon the idea that the most valuable resource to any utility company is a highly skilled and productive workforce. Through strong relationships, mentoring, and classroom instruction, Czar provides training services to top utility companies seeking to invest in that resource.

Null joined Czar in 2006 and shares Czar’s focus to educate a new generation of utility field personnel as well as supporting the people who manage and sustain the utilities.

“I enjoy training utility personnel,” Null said. “It is a richly rewarding experience and allows me to share the information I have gathered over the years with others in the utility industry.”

Null’s faithfulness to the industry is reflected in his personal life. He has been married for more than 40 years and is a devoted church member, loving father and giving community supporter.

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