RMEL Foundation Awards Record Number of Scholarships in 2007

May 16, 2007
The RMEL Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships in 2007. The Foundation is pleased to award $19,000 in total scholarships to 10 deserving students

The RMEL Foundation awarded a record number of scholarships in 2007. RMEL a regional energy association that provides a variety of education and networking services for the electric energy industry. The Foundation is pleased to award $19,000 in total scholarships to 10 deserving students. The RMEL Foundation continues to carry out its purpose of awarding scholarships to deserving and qualified students studying engineering or curriculum related to the electric energy industry.

After reviewing 119 applications, almost twice the number received any other year, the RMEL Foundation Scholarship Committee voted to award two craft scholarships, six baccalaureate scholarships and two RMEL Foundation Wartsila North America scholarships. The Foundation Selection Committee chose the following 10 students based upon their goals and aspirations in the electric industry, academic ability, service to their community and school, and the motivation to succeed.

In 2008 Jared Snodgrass from Haven, Kansas, will receive his degree from Pratt Community College in Electric Power Technology. Jared is the first of two craft scholarship recipients. After his first year, he will have earned his climbing certificate and a Commercial Drivers License. After job-shadowing at the Line Department of Westar Energy, he was chosen to work as an intern for Westar Energy for the summer of 2007.

Alexander Kincaid will finish his senior year of high school in Belle, West Virginia, before heading to West Virginia University Institute of Technology. Alexander is the second of two craft scholarship recipients and plans on using the scholarship to help him major in electrical engineering technology. After college, Alexander will work hard on making a lasting contribution in the electric industry.

The following six students are the baccalaureate scholarship recipients:

Second-time recipient Ryan Carlson of Lincoln, Nebraska, is majoring in electrical engineering with a power option at the University of Nebraska. Ryan is an active member of the UNL IEEE chapter and is pursuing an internship in the area of power engineering. His goal is to become a licensed professional engineer in the next few years.

Tonya Carlson from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, will be learning how to design energy efficient energy structures when she attends the University of Nebraska in the fall of 2007. Tonya has been accepted into the six-year School of Architecture. She will be focusing her training in both renewable energy and “green” architecture. She plans on working hand-in-hand with electrical engineers, focusing specifically with those who are researching new products and new ways to minimize the impact that our growing demand for electrical consumer products is placing on an overburdened national electrical grid.

As a graduating senior at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona, Avi Gadok will be starting her freshman year at Cornell University this Fall. Avi was accepted to the College of Engineering where she plans to study climate change, water conservation and wind energy. Avi believes she will be able to bring a feminine perspective as an electrical engineer and is confident she will contribute answers to issues such as climate change, air pollution, water conservation and wind energy.

Third time scholarship recipient, Jonathan Fidrych from Fort Collins, Colorado, will be finishing his degree in electrical engineering at Colorado State University in May 2008. He was accepted as a student engineer at Western Area Power Administration where he did an impact study looking at the current power system and seeing how proposed changes will either positively or negatively impact the grid. If the change posed a challenge to the current system, it was his responsibility to propose solutions. After college, Jonathan will be pursuing a career in system reliability, assisting in the development of cleaner and more efficient generation, and investigating more efficient transmission of energy.

Elizabeth Hollowed of Meeker, Colorado, will be starting her freshman year at the University of Wyoming in the fall of 2007. She has always had a desire to contribute to the development of efficient use of alternative energy resources, such as wind and solar energy. Elizabeth plans on pursuing a degree in electrical or chemical engineering with the hopes of gaining her master’s or a doctorate in the future. She has an innate desire to contribute to the well-being of generations to come by developing alternative energy engines and devices, new methods for storing energy and way to make an economical transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy.

High school senior Louise Fox from Chico, California, will be attending California State University - Chico this Fall. She plans on studying mechanical engineering because it focuses on both electrical and mechanical engineering. Louise believes this major will help her understand both heat transfer and thermodynamics from mechanical engineering, as well as how circuits are integrated into almost every mechanical device. She hopes this will enable her in designing and modifying existing energy technologies.

Scott Holt form Pocatello, Idaho, is currently in his senior year at Highland High School and a recipient of the RMEL Foundation Wartsila North America scholarship. Scott will be starting his freshman year at BYU-Idaho where he will study mechanical engineering and pursue a career in the power industry. He is excited to learn more about the power industry because the power business provides a hands-on application of both science and technology. He focus is to work with new generation technologies and applications that require a break from traditional production.

The second recipient of the RMEL Foundation Wartsila North America Scholarship is Joseph Deneault from Topeka, Kansas. He will start his freshman year at the University of Kansas this Fall. Joseph will be studying chemical engineering, with a focus on alternative fuels. After graduating, he plans on working on the development of fuel cells to create a sound process which will allow for the efficient use of fuel cells commercially.

The RMEL Foundation is proud to award funding to these deserving students funding for continued education in the electric energy industry. The scholarship endowment has been established through individual and corporate donations as well as the silent auction and golf outing contributions. For more information about the RMEL Foundation go to http://www.rmel.org.

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