Program Announced for ‘Smart Grid Summit’ at ITEXPO

Aug. 20, 2009
Technology Marketing Corp. and Intelligent Communication Partners have released the conference program for their upcoming Smart Grid Summit.

Technology Marketing Corp. (TMC) and Intelligent Communication Partners have released the conference program for their upcoming Smart Grid Summit. The conference is collocated with TMC’s Internet Telephony Conference & Expo West 2009 (ITEXPO). The Smart Grid Summit is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sept.1, 2009, Day One of the three-day ITEXPO. .

By combining the unmatched reach of the ITEXPO into the communications sector with ICP’s focus on Smart Grid, the Smart Grid Summit is a truly unique, first of its kind event to create a new community around the intersection of energy, the Smart Home, telecom and IT.

The Smart Grid Summit brings together two worlds in a unique setting designed to identify how they can create new opportunities and drive innovation with IP communications technologies. This is not another event to explore how utilities can become more efficient in the transmission and distribution of power. This summit goes well beyond this to address how a utility can deploy telecom-based solutions to not only make its grid smarter, but to enable the Smart Home and enable a new generation of revenue-generating services.

Conference sessions on the Smart Grid program include:

Grid Interoperability & Standards
As reflected by The Energy Independence and Security Act, the need for a common grid architecture, where all aspects of grid communications and control are standardized uniformly is of central importance to a proper functioning Smart Grid infrastructure. In this panel, members of various international and national standards bodies spanning the full spectrum of the communications industry, together with leading solutions providers will share their insights.

Energy Management in the Home
Home energy management will be a significant opportunity brought on by the Smart Grid. There are various issues which have to be addressed in this space: if real-time data access is needed, device interoperability, the impact of regulations on a competitive landscape, issues of who controls devices and owns the data they generate, consumer privacy.

Emerging Smart Grid Opportunities
When the Smart Grid is connected to the Smart Home, we will have the required infrastructure to expand past energy management into many other fields enabled by real-time two-way communications. This session will explore emerging opportunities and business models that come with ubiquitous broadband, smart metering, and critical steps to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Utilities and Their Smart Grid Visions
Smart Grid is a broad concept, and being so new, utilities have various visions and deployment plans. Some of this is driven by regulatory and policy issues, some is based on local market dynamics, and some is based on a particular vision about sustainable or green energy initiatives. This session will explore a range of visions and best practices from utilities in various stages of Smart Grid deployment.

Demand Response on a Communications Enabled Grid
In industrial settings, Demand Response services play a central role in the efficient use of energy. Looking beyond this niche, the automation and real-time gauging of Demand Response applied to consumers in general will be, among other things, both essential to a grid supporting renewable energy sources and paramount to a reliable energy grid. This panel will include thought leaders from the leading DR service providers, DR technology vendors, and researchers to explore the new opportunities of demand response on a Smart Grid.

Organizations presenting sessions at Smart Grid Summit include:
Columbia University
GridWise Alliance
Intelligent Communication Partners
Redline Communications
SIP Forum
UCLA Berkeley

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