Bird-X Introduces Authoritative Resource Website

May 15, 2008
Bird-X, Inc. has recently launched a new and improved authority website,

Bird-X, Inc. has launched a new and improved authority website, While retaining all of the information from the previous site, the improved site has increased user-friendliness, easier navigation and sourcing, and more relevant information pertaining to specific bird problems and solutions. More importantly, it is much more than a commercial site. It is a complete authoritative resource on bird and animal control with educational and practical information, with links to articles and customer testimonials.

"We wanted to create a website that functions as more than just an online store," said Mona Zemsky, marketing manager, Bird-X, Inc. "Those concerned about bird pests and their droppings, and the potential for disease, wasted money, devalued property and more can avail themselves of research from experts in these issues. To allow informed decisions, we've included up-to-the-minute news stories, case histories and success stories. If visitors need more information or have specific issues, there's a Free Evaluation Form to which a highly skilled technician will respond within 48 hours," Zemsky said. "If a corporate complex has a problem with territorial Canada geese destroying the grounds, we want them to know how to solve it, of course, but also why that solution is going to be successful in the long-term."

The website is multi-faceted. Firstly, it encompasses information learned after four decades of working with scientists, biologists, humane and Audubon societies, animal-rights groups, environmental groups, concerned citizens and global leaders of industry. Secondly, it highlights the real-world experiences of the organizations who have suffered the financial, esthetic and health effects of birds and their droppings. Thirdly, the products are manufactured with the highest quality and are guaranteed to work.

Founded in 1963, Bird-X, Inc. is known for producing humane bird and animal pest control products

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