Glenn Goldfarb: The Answer Man

Nov. 3, 2010
Glenn Goldfarb has been best known as “the Answer Man” during most of his career at ABB.

Glenn Goldfarb has been best known as “the Answer Man” during most of his career at ABB. Currently, senior customer service engineer at ABB’s Coral Springs, Florida, plant, he has been the go-to person for questions about electromechanical relays. He has also been responsible for high-voltage microprocessor-based relays in ABB Allentown, Pennsylvania, and for recloser control products at ABB Lake Mary, Florida.

Goldfarb has a total of 32 years of experience with Westinghouse and ABB Relay Products and is the primary instructor for Electromechanical Hands-On Relay Training. In fact, it’s his job to answer application and other technical relay questions. He will be presenting the ABB Electromechanical Relay and FT Switches course from Dec. 7-10 in Coral Springs. The program is designed for participants to become proficient in application, installation, operation, maintenance, and testing of ABB/Westinghouse electromechanical relays and FT test switches.

“This has been an ongoing effort that will give our customers the knowledge and experience to use and maintain our relay products, now and well into the future,” Goldfarb said. “I have performed countless relay trainings across this great nation of ours and am thankful for the opportunity to have trained over a thousand customers in just these past few years.”

Goldfarb sees the need to serve as a trainer because of the aging equipment and aging workforce. “The technicians and engineers who have been working to maintain the EM relays are retiring and leaving a legacy behind them,” he said. “The goal for ABB’s EM Hands-On Relay Training is to provide expert factory training to support a new and changing workforce.”

He tells students, old and new, to enjoy what they are doing and to refer back to the classic designs in order to understand the products of the future. He certainly enjoys what he does. “I have great satisfaction when I know I have helped a customer from relay training or with a difficult application question. I am always willing to help.”

Goldfarb decided to go into electronics when he was in high school and had a fascination with electric guitars and vacuum tube amplifiers. Those interests continue to this day. He plays blues and classic rock on his Fender Stratocaster guitar and repairs vintage guitar amps.

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