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How PG&E Manages Substation Bird Intrusion with Methyl Anthranilate Vapor

July 9, 2024
Birds are a constant concern (and potentially major expense) for anyone involved with maintaining electrical substations. Through thorough research, PG&E found that vaporized Methyl Anthranilate was the ideal solution for their substations.

Birds attracted to PG&E electrical substations created significant maintenance challenges due to droppings and nests, leading to equipment damage and power outages. Initial bird deterrents proved ineffective, but testing Methyl Anthranilate (MA) showed promise. PG&E implemented an advanced vapor system that uses MA to effectively repel birds and train them to avoid the area over time. This automated, low-maintenance solution reduced cleanup costs, improved worker safety, and increased productivity. Successful tests at the Table Mountain substation prompted broader implementation, demonstrating substantial cost savings and operational efficiency.

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