Rapid Reporting

How to Expedite Vegetation Encroachment Compliance

Oct. 14, 2021
Rapid Reporting is a process for quickly performing clearance analysis for conductor positions at the time of LiDAR survey. Download this FAQ to learn more about this process!

When it comes to vegetation risk remediation and regulatory environments, utility companies face budgetary and time constraints in both managing and accurately assessing risk. In the context of vegetation management and LiDAR acquisition and analysis, there is often a need to prioritize cost and delivery time over detailed risk analysis. As a result, for groups that are using LiDAR to inform trimming activity, there can be a period of latency between data acquisition and when results are delivered, meaning utilities may have actionable risk on their system not being addressed.

A simple vegetation management clearance assessment designed to support NERC/FERC compliance can be utilized to quickly provide this analysis while also addressing price sensitivity and budget pressure, “out of cycle” inspections, rapid delivery, and providing quality control of trim work. Recent developments in sensor, acquisition methodology and automation advancements expedite effective remote sensing vegetation management projects with a shortened schedule and lowered cost. This is known as Rapid Reporting.

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