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What is ISO 55000? A Pathway to Better Asset Health and Reduced Emissions

July 20, 2021

A growing number of electricity companies have made a net-zero carbon commitment. To achieve that goal, utilities are finding they need more detailed intelligence about their physical assets than ever before. This heightened urgency comes as many have found their finances squeezed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which reduced many utilities’ income and created huge financial and logistical challenges in asset maintenance and replacement. Mistakes are costlier than ever.

The extreme weather experienced across North America this year heightens the need to make the right asset management decisions. Now more than ever, the International Standards Organization’s 55000 protocol has become an essential framework for companies that own and operate physical infrastructure.

Learn more about Copperleaf, a decision analytics platform that helps utilities implement best practices in asset management by aligning those plans to ISO 55000 protocol.

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