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Digital Integration for the Data-Driven Platformed Utility

Nov. 3, 2021
Digital utility experts from Dell Technologies and Greenbird discussed the current energy transition and the role that Utilihive can play in helping utilities accelerate their transformation to a distributed architecture.

Utilities are moving from simply supplying electricity to becoming energy-service platforms.  At the same time, consumers of power are becoming prosumers, as they begin producing their own electricity from solar panels and electric vehicles.  The new business strategy of power generation and distribution means acknowledging the impact of distributed energy resource (DER) systems on the grid. New platform architectures are being constructed to support this new two-way flow of electricity and to accommodate the massive amounts of data generated from smart meters and other digital grid components. To meet government mandated sustainability targets for green energy generation and cyber security policies, a robust data integration hub is required to capture and integrate data from both OT and IT data sources. Dell Technologies and Greenbird, powered by Intel, have partnered to create a fully integrated ‘Data Transformation Engine’ architected specifically for electric utilities as they transform their operations to meet the challenges of the Energy Transition.

Utilihive is a cloud-native, containerized application that can be deployed on-premises, in private or public cloud or in a hybrid environment. The preconfigured, engineered appliance enables electricity, gas, and distributed heating and water utilities to deploy distributed software and hardware architecture in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years. The pre-engineered, validated hardware and software solution delivers the Greenbird Utilihive hub on Intel based Dell EMC VxRail and PowerScale platforms – the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pretested VMware hyperconverged system optimized for VMware vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation, optimized for Intel architecture.

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