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Wyoming-Colorado Intertie Project Reaches WECC Phase 2 Status

The 345-kV Wyoming-Colorado Intertie Project has achieved Phase 2 status in the WECC planning process as announced by the Trans-Elect Development Co.

On November 15, 2006 Trans-Elect initiated the WECC Regional Planning and Project Rating Processes for the Wyoming to Colorado Transmission Project (Project). The Project consists of a new 345 kV transmission line from Laramie River Station in Wyoming to the Pawnee Substation in Colorado. A new 230 kV transmission line is also planned between Wyodak and Dave Johnston in Wyoming. Studies indicate that the Project has the potential to increase the transfer capability of the Tot 3 path (Path 36) by 900 MW. The proposed in-service date is 2012, depending on the interest of the participants of the project.

On June 19, 2007, Trans-Elect submitted the Regional Planning Project Report (RPPR) and the Phase 1 Comprehensive Progress Report (CPR) to WECC members. On August 31, 2007 the project completed the WECC Regional Planning Process by the Planning Coordination Committee (PCC) acceptance of the RPPR. Comments on the CPR were received from Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Platte River Power Authority, and Public Service Company of Colorado. Trans-Elect has committed to address each of the issues and all of the parties have agreed that their comments could be addressed during the Phase 2 study process. System modeling data for the project was provided to WECC on July 6, 2007.

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