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Wright Tool Introduces Line of Strike-Free Wrenches

New Wright® Strike-Free wrenches, from Wright Tool Co., Barberton, Ohio, are used on heavy-duty applications where slugging wrenches cannot be used and where cheater bars should not be used.

Wright strike-free wrenches are specifically designed for use where false blows are not permitted. These wrenches also loosen and tighten large fasteners in confined areas where there is not enough room to swing a striking tool.

This line of strike-free wrenches is available in two- and three-foot handle sizes, with 12-point wrench openings ranging from 1 inch to 3-1/8 inches. Wright Tool's strike-free wrenches are professional-grade and are manufactured for high strength, durability, and reliability.

"The addition of these strike-free wrenches to our extensive line of wrenches allows Wright Tool to be a single source of tools needed for the petrochemical and utility industries," said Greg Helbling, vice president of sales, Wright Tool.

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