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Work Continues on Electrical Upgrade at London Substation

Installation work has been taking place at a major electricity substation as part of a multi-million-pound project to strengthen security of supply and increase the electrical network capacity for London.

The 132-kV switchgear is being replaced at EDF Energy’s St John’s Wood substation, with cutting-edge technology that is being installed to cope with the increasing demands for power. The six-year project, which began in 2006, will increase the capacity of the network.

EDF Energy engineers recently took delivery of new high voltage equipment which will supply electricity to central and north-west London. EDF Energy Networks site manager Brian Finch said: “Everything went smoothly with the delivery of the new equipment. We will be installing and testing the switchgear over the next few months. “We will then connect it into London’s electricity distribution network, with the first supplies in use later this year.”

The first phase of work on site began in March 2006 with the installation of a temporary switchboard. The second phase is the refurbishing of the switch house and installation of the first stage of new switchgear. Tests and connections will take place before the transfer of supplies from the old equipment to the new, work which will be carried out throughout this year.

The final phase of the project will involve further refurbishing work and switchgear replacement, work which will eventually see all of the existing switchgear replaced by 2012.

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