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Wisconsin Public Service Plans Outages to Upgrade Distribution Feeder Voltage

Continuing its ongoing distribution maintenance program, Wisconsin Public Service took a planned electric power outage affecting the towns of Egg Harbor, Jacksonport and Sevastopol, WI. Electric service was interrupted for a period of about 2 hours. The work involved switching the feeder voltage from 7,200 V to 14,400 V. According to Dave Walesh, Regional Electric Engineer, customers served by the Dunn Rd. Substation south of the area at 7,200 V are being converted to 14,400 V fed from the Egg Harbor Substation to the north. He said, “We’re slowly working our way from Egg Harbor to Dunn Rd. Once all customers are converted, we’ll de-energize the Dunn Rd. substation and convert it to 14,400 V. When completed the load will be switched back to the Dunn Rd. Substation and the original open tie point restored.”

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