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Vertical Rescue System

Spidescape is a completely integrated, self-contained vertical rescue system. Users can pre-rig the system so it is ready and set the variable speed control knob for hands-free operation. Linemen can also change the speed mid-descent from a complete stop to 6.6 feet/second. The system uses four, independent braking systems for quadruple-redundant safety. The product combines a hands-free “figure 8” with an adjustable disk brake, a manual friction brake and a centrifugal brake. The pocket-sized rescue system weighs less than 2 pounds without rope and is made of professional-grade machined aluminum construction. The oyster case features a double hinge for added security and safety. The product is designed to work only with Spidescape™ ropes produced by Sterling Ropes.

Spidescape Vertical Descent Systems www.spidescape.com

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