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Vermeer D80X100 Series II Navigator HDD Boring Machine Performs in Difficult Ground Conditions

The Vermeer® D80x100 Series II Navigator® HDD is designed with the operator in mind. Drilling functions are integrated into the thrust and rotation joystick controls, providing fingertip control. The D80x100 Series II delivers 10,000 ft lb (13,558 Nm) of rotational torque and 80,000 lb (36,287 kg) of thrust/pullback force to perform a wide range of bores in difficult ground conditions. In addition, the D80x100 Series II offers a 150 or 200 gpm (568 or 757 L/min) onboard pump for increased backreaming and mudmotor efficiency. The optional, patented RockFire® Ready System offers a steerable pneumatic rock drilling system designed to drill and steer in rock that will open up new markets for drilling contactors to complete short to medium length bores in varying rock formations.

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