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Updated ENTSO-E Grid Map 2011 Now Available

ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) presents the 2011 update of its European transmission grid map, now available for order. The ENTSO-E map is a comprehensive illustration of the interconnected networks. It shows power plants (distinguishing between hydro, wind and thermal), stations, existing high-voltage lines and lines under construction, for the voltages of 220 kV and higher, as well as 110 kV to 150 kV if they cross national borders.

Since the Grid Map 2010 was released in November 2010, new common rules and procedures have been defined concerning power plants (with more symbols) and with an individual capacity threshold defined by country. The 41 ENTSO-E member TSOs as well as non-member TSOs contributed to producing the map. The European grid map is an indispensable tool in understanding the present state of the grid as well as the need for future grid investment projects in order to achieve the European energy policy goals of security of supply, increasing the share of renewables in energy use to 20% by 2020, and the development of the internal electricity market; since it shows the grid on which ENTSO-E’s Ten-Year Network Development Plan builds.

All maps can now be ordered online from the ENTSO-E website. The ENTSO-E Grid Map for the interconnected network of ENTSO-E is available in electronic format free of charge from the ENTSO-E website.

The hard copy of the ENTSO-E map is available to order on the ENTSO-E website in three variations:

The interconnected network of ENTSO-E, showing the entire ENTSO-E network available in two sizes:

  • Small map (scale: 1:5.000.000, size 104.5 x 94.8 cm, €40)
  • Large map (scale: 1:4.000.000, size 131.1 x 116.9 cm, €60)

The interconnected network of continental Europe (former UCTE area), differentiating synchronous areas. This map is also available in two different sizes:

  • Small map (scale: 1:5.000.000, size 82.0 x 59.1 cm, €40)
  • Large map (scale: 1:2.500.000, size 161.1 x 116.5 cm, €60)

The Interconnected network of Northern Europe shows Scandinavian and Baltic countries:

  • Small map (scale: 1:3.000.000, size 67.6 x 69.5 cm, €40)

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