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United Illuminating Trumbull Substation Underway

The Trumbull Substation project, a 115/13.8 kV, open air-insulated 58 MVA substation is the first in a series of upgrade projects undertaken by The United Illuminating Co. During the past 10 years residential use of electricity in the Trumbull, CT area has increased by 38%. Commercial use has increased by 45% during the same period. Customer demand for electricity in the Trumbull area is expected to continue to increase going forward.

At the present time, there is no substation in Trumbull. None had been required during the last system upgrade. All customers in the Town of Trumbull are supplied from two substations --- one located in Shelton and the other in Bridgeport. Without the addition of the new substation, the Trumbull area is at high risk of experiencing delivery problems during periods of peak demand. By building the new substation, Trumbull customers will have their electricity requirements addressed locally. It will also improve the ability of the Shelton and Bridgeport substations to continue effectively meeting their local areas electricity demands.

Construction of the Trumbull Substation began in July 2007. The 4.85-acre site is 335 ft by 200 ft in a residential area. It will be surrounded by a 17-ft architectural wall when completed. Steel structures and Circuit breaker installation is expected to be complete in October 2007, with final work accomplished by June 2008.

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