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TVA Proposes Transmission Project for Huntsville, Alabama

The Tennessee Valley Authority is seeking public comments on a transmission line project that will provide reliable power to the growing area of Huntsville, Ala. TVA is proposing to build 12 to 18 mi of 161-kiV transmission line to power Huntsville Utilities’ planned Charity Lane Substation upgrade from 46 kV to 161 kV.

The line would extend northwest from TVA’s existing Madison 500-kV Substation towards the Charity Lane Substation. The project is expected to be in service fall 2014. Construction would begin spring 2014.

TVA is considering several alternate routes from a network of 50 possible line segments. About two miles of the line could use the vacant side of existing double-circuit towers. The rest of the line would be built on steel pole structures centered on a 100-ft right-of-way.

Detailed maps showing the different routes for the proposed power line are available. More information is available at http://www.tva.gov/power/projects.

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