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Transpower Receives Final Decision on Major Transmission Project

Transpower today received a final decision from the Board of Inquiry to approve its proposal to construct a new transmission link between Whakamaru and the southern limits of Auckland, New Zealand, known as the North Island Grid Upgrade Project.

Transpower Chief Executive Patrick Strange said that the project will provide essential security of supply into the upper North Island.

"We are pleased that we have a final decision. However, we recognise that receiving approval is just one piece of the challenge in building a project of this size.

"We will be working with individually affected landowners, as well as community bodies, and where possible, will help to provide solutions to their specific concerns," he said.

The North Island Grid Upgrade Project will be one of the largest infrastructure projects to be built in New Zealand with 185km of overhead transmission line, 10km of underground cable and new substation works to be completed.

Procurement and recruitment, as well as investigative works including foundation and soil testing are already underway. Property negotiations will also continue with affected landowners.

The first major construction works – building the foundations for the overhead transmission line component of the project – are programmed to begin this summer.

Regular updates and information will be distributed to communities and landowners, as well as any interested parties, throughout the project.

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