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Transmission Line Upgrade Will Expand Capacity and Improve Reliability

Otter Tail Power Co. announced that the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has approved a Certificate of Need and a Route Permit for its 115-kV transmission line between Appleton, Minnesota, and Canby, Minnesota. “Getting such timely approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, which used its new streamlined process for small transmission line upgrades, allows us to begin construction late this spring or early summer,” said Otter Tail Power Co.’s transmission line team lead Myron Rader. “We plan to energize the 115-kV line after completion of construction in the spring of 2008.”

The 42-mile transmission project will include replacing 21 miles of an existing 41.6-kV transmission line from Dawson to Appleton to make it capable of transmitting 115 kV of electricity. The project also involves upgrading short sections of line near the Dawson and Canby substations and modifying four substations along the route. The 21-mile line south of Dawson to Canby already is capable of transmitting power at 115 kV.

“Our customers in the Appleton-Dawson-Canby area are the primary beneficiaries of this project,” said Rader. “They will have increased transmission capacity to help meet their growing need for electricity.” These customers also should notice improved reliability as an additional benefit of the project because Otter Tail Power Co. plans to add static wire for lightning protection to a section of the line south of the Minnesota River. Most of the line will use a static wire for lightning protection when it’s energized at 115 kV.

Otter Tail Power Co., a division of Otter Tail Corp. is headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. It provides electricity and energy services to more than a quarter million people in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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