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TransGrid Seeks Support for Northwest NSW High Voltage Grid

TransGrid has released a report seeking proposals to help increase the capacity of the high voltage grid in the Gunnedah, Narrabri and Moree region. The owner and operator of the NSW transmission network published a Project Specification Consultation Report after forecasts revealed peak demand in the region was continuing to rise.

Executive General Manager of Network Planning and Performance Stephen Clark said increases in peak demand are placing a strain on the local transmission network. “This means that the transmission network in the region is now approaching its reliable capacity,” said Clark. “TransGrid is seeking proposals to ensure that the local transmission network continues to deliver electricity reliably into the future.”

The publication of the Report is the first of a three stage consultation process to determine whether a transmission investment or non network alternative is the most effective solution to increase the capacity of the network. The Report outlines two options to upgrade the transmission network in the area and invites submissions for alternative options such as demand management or embedded generation.

“TransGrid is hopeful that proposals for alternative solutions may be able to assist in maintaining the reliability of the North West NSW grid by reducing pressure on the existing transmission network,” said Clark.

A copy of the Project Specification and Consultation Report can be downloaded from TransGrid’s website at www.transgrid.com.au.

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