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Transformer Installation Completes Third Phase of NPPD Voltage Conversion Project for Aurora, Nebraska

Crews from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) began installing a new substation transformer in the city of Aurora beginning on May 5, as part of a three-year voltage conversion project.

“This project will increase the reliability of the electric system for our customers in Aurora, plus bring the system up to current standards,” said Mike Damon, NPPD distribution superintendent. Current electric voltage in the community is 2400/4160 volts and will eventually be increased to 7,200/12,470 volts, when fully completed in 2012.
Work began on the project in 2009 and the transformer installation will complete the third of five phases of the project. Work also included revamping the existing substation and additional line work along with the installation of a new transformer. Cost of this phase is $770,000.

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