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Toronto Hydro Expands Network

Toronto Hydro Expands Network

Toronto Hydro crews work to pull new electrical cable in a cable chamber on Wilson Ave., Toronto, Canada. These new cables will supply approximately 20 MW of new demand to the Humberview Hospital and Forensics Labs at Keele Avenue and Hwy 401. It is one of Toronto Hydro's largest new connection projects in 2012.

Two new 27.6-kV feeder circuits are being installed, one from each bus of the transformer station (TS), running along different routes to the site. Each feeder circuit consists of 3-1C 1000 kcmil copper TRXLPE 28-kV primary with 1-1C 300 kcmil copper TW75 600-V neutral. Each cable is installed in separate 4-inch ducts.

The cable chambers are standard 3 m wide and 4 m long with 2.1 m headroom. The duct structure is with 15, 4-inch ducts spaced 3 wide and 4 high, encased in concrete. The cable chambers are designed to accommodate up to four feeder circuits. No other equipment will be installed in the chambers other than the cables and cable splices.

The project is for the redevelopment of the area into a regional hospital and a forensics building with an ultimate load of up to 18 MVA. The two feeder circuits are not “dedicated” to the re-development and are expected to pick up some existing loads to relieve the loading on the existing feeders.

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