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Termination for Medium-Voltage Cables

Tyco Electronics' TFT-E elastomeric medium-voltage terminations are designed for 15-kV, 25-kV and 35-kV cold-shrink terminations and feature cold applied material technology. With this new material technology, electrical utility engineers can expect an improvement in tracking erosion test performance (TERT) by up to three times over the previous generation TFT-E termination material. Furthermore, the company states the elastomeric body provides improved shelf life and cold temperature recovery along with outstanding UV stability, all adding to the product's useful life.

By using the improved TFT-E termination, utilities will also gain the benefit of an advanced stress control method employing metal oxide matrix technology to provide superior electrical performance. A pre-lubricated, crush-resistant holdout (or core) simplifies installation.

The product is tested to IEEE 48-1996 and is available in three sizes, which accept a wide range of cable sizes.
Tyco Electronics

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