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TenneT/transpower Plans to Build Two New Sea Cables to Norway

TenneT/transpower is starting the next phase to build two new under-sea cable interconnections to Norway. This was announced June 1, 2010 by Mel Kroon, CEO of TenneT, at the visit of her majesty queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to Norway. The new high voltage subsea cables will enlarge the import of sustainable energy from Norway and strengthen the sustainable ambitions of the European Commission.

TenneT/transpower is Europe's first cross-border Transmission System Operator. The new company has 14 interconnections. Furthermore TenneT is preparing new interconnections to Great Britain (2011), Germany (2013) and Denmark (2016). Integration of the transmission grids of the German transpower and TenneT from the Netherlands will allow the company to take a leading role in Europe.

The announcement marks the starting point of entering the Development and Preparation Phase for the new Norwegian-Dutch (NorNed2) and Norwegian-German (Nordlink) interconnections. Both interconnections will enlarge the import and export of electricity, in line with the European Union’s policy of linking up markets and enhancing market liquidity. 

The cable will help strengthen the links that already exist between the Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe, thus contributing to the integration of the European electricity market, improving the security of supply and enlarge the opportunities for sustainable development. In Norway 99% of all electricity is generated from hydropower. NorNed, the first interconnection between the Netherlands and Norway is in operation since May 6th 2008, and had imported 80% sustainable energy since. The final investment decision for the building of the two subsea cable will be taken at the end of the Development and Preparation Phase, end 2013.

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