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TenneT to Replace Transformer in Substation Serving Rotterdam City-Center

TenneT, the Dutch Transmission System Operator, is planning to replace a large transformer in the substation that supplies electricity to central Rotterdam. The transformer in question converts high-voltage electricity (150 kV) supplied by the national grid to a lower voltage level (25 kV) for further distribution throughout central Rotterdam. The insulators on one of the two transformers in the Lloydkade substation need to be replaced. The work was carried out from Oct. 29 up to and including Nov. 4.

Because a single transformer will regulate the electricity supply to the city center during this period, extra safety measures were put in place. Stedin – the regional grid operator responsible for distributing electricity from the transformer to users in their homes and businesses – placed extra personnel on standby and made detailed switching plans in place to minimize any nuisance in the event of a transformer failure. The likelihood of such a failure is very small. The emergency services in Rotterdam have also taken the necessary precautions.

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