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TenneT and Bernisse Local Authority Open New High‑Voltage Substation

TenneT opened a new high‑voltage substation – Simonshaven switching and transformer substation -- in the town of Bernisse near Rotterdam on Feb. 12 to ensure that power plants in the Botlek seaport can be connected to the national high‑voltage grid. TenneT Chief Operating Officer Ben Voorhorst conducted the opening ceremony together with Alderman Marnix Trouwborst of the municipality of Bernisse.

The new substation, located on Oud Hoenderhoekseweg in Bernisse, will be a node in the existing 380-kV high‑voltage line between the substations at Crayesteijn (near Dordrecht) and Maasvlakte. The substation’s purpose is to strengthen the link between the national grid and the regional grid managed by grid operator Stedin. Furthermore, the new Maasstroom power station will be connected to the national grid via the substation.


Work on the substation started in January 2008. A massive transformer weighing 330 tons was transported by road from Spijkenisse to the new substation in April 2009. In preparation for this heavy‑lift transport, various roads were closed off and traffic lights temporarily removed. The construction of the substation will cost approx. € 30 million in total.

Greater transmission capacity

TenneT collaborated closely with the Bernisse local authority and the water board on the construction of the new high‑voltage substation. As a result, the substation was finished on time, thus increasing transmission capacity and contributing to the prevention of congestion in the region pending completion of the ‘ring circuit’ of the 380-kV grid in the Randstad conurbation. The new substation will also enhance the security of supply throughout the region.

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