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Tampa Electric Upgrades Distribution System as Part of Storm Plan

As part of Tampa Electric’s storm plan, filed with the Florida Public Service Commission, Tampa Electric plans to convert four existing 4-kV distribution circuits that serve parts of the South Tampa area to the company’s standard 13-kV circuit configuration. The four distribution circuits start at our Lois Avenue substation (located at the intersection of Lois Avenue and Palmira Street). The project involves upgrading facilities by replacing existing poles and electrical wire with similar size poles.

The conversion will give Tampa Electric greater flexibility to switch customers who are without power after severe weather to other circuits, which can significantly reduce outage times in the area.

To ensure crews have access to perform the upgrade and allow adequate clearance for the new lines, Tampa Electric will trim trees along the project route beginning May 2008. The entire conversion project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008.
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