Switchgear Arrives at Leichhardt Photo: Ausgrid substation

Switchgear Arrives at Leichhardt

New 132-kV gas insulated switchgear has arrived on site at Ausgrid’s Leichhardt zone substation, New South Wales, Australia, as part of a major project to convert the existing substation from 33 kV to 132 kV. Ausgrid crews will install seven bays of switchgear as well as 32 panels of 11-kV switchgear. The new equipment will replace existing 33-kV switchgear from the 1960s and will allow Ausgrid to link the Leichhardt zone substation to major a 132-kV feeder.

The Leichhardt project is taking place in tandem with the construction of Ausgrid’s new Croydon zone substation and the conversion of the zone substation in Camperdown zone from 5 kV to 11 kV. The conversion of Camperdown zone requires load to be transferred to other parts of the network including Leichhardt zone.

To facilitate the load transfer, Ausgrid crews have been replacing the local 5-kV network with a new 11-kV network including laying new underground cables and changes in distribution centers.

Installation of the 132-kV equipment at Leichhardt zone substation is expected to take about three months to complete. Crews will then focus on completing Croydon zone substation before returning to Leichhardt to complete the fit-out, in time to meet local demand requirements.

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