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Sverdlovsk Government, RAO UES Sign Agreement to Improve Reliability of Power Supply

The Sverdlovsk Region Government and RAO "UES of Russia" have signed an Agreement to build and upgrade the power facilities in the Sverdlovsk Region until 2011. The Agreement was signed by the Moscow Region Governor Eduard Rossel and Chairman of RAO UES Management Board Anatoly Chubais.

Electricity consumption in the Sverdlovsk region has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and is expected to grow further by 5.5% annually. During the first eleven months of this year, the energy use has grown almost 4.5% compared to the same period last year. This was due to the strong growth of the region's economy and social infrastructure development in the area.

The Agreement is designed to improve the reliability of electricity supply to customers, create the conditions for new user connections to power grids and increase the capacity for the users already connected, prevent power shortages as electricity consumption grows, and ensure stability and further development of the region's economy and social infrastructure.

The Agreement envisages overall development of the generation and grid facilities in the Sverdlovsk Region. In particular, it includes investment projects to build 3,195 MW of generating capacity by 2015, construct different voltage substations with 4,888 MVA of transformer capacity, about 900 km of bulk transmission lines and substations with 2,700 MVA of transformer capacity, and about 1,000 km of lines in the region's distribution networks.

In order to expand the Unified National Energy Grid (UNEG) facilities in the Sverdlovsk Energy System of OAO "Federal Grid Company," a new 500 kV transmission line in the Servovo-Bogoslovsky energy area between the Severnaya Substation and the Bogoslovsky Aluminum Plant (BAZ) Substation, linking the Serovo-Bogoslovsky and Bereznikovsko-Solikamsky energy areas (Perm Energy System) will be built. The autotransformer capacity of 500/220 kV at the BAZ Substation will be expanded. Also planned is the new Sosva Substation (500 kV) with 500 kV links to the Tagil Substation and BAZ Substation. The task of ensuring reliable energy supplies in the Vostochny and Pervouralsky energy areas of the Sverdlovsk Energy System will be addressed through enhancing the 220 kV grid and increasing the autotransformer capacity of 500/220 kV (construction of the Yemelino Substation of 500 kV with HV links to the Votkinskaya HPP Substation (500 kV) and the Yuzhnaya Substation.

The investment projects will be implemented with using, to the maximum extent possible, the design, R&M, construction and installation and power engineering enterprises in the Sverdlovsk Region which have the necessary resources.

The cost of the projects to be implemented under the Agreement is estimated at over RUB153 billion, of which RUB111.7 billion will be used to expand generation capacity and RUB41.6 billion will be invested in power grid facilities.

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