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Sutherland Substation Cable Project to Supply Urban Rail Network in Western Australia

Western Power has received a request by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to establish a new 132 kV underground cable to supply the PTA’s urban rail network. The proposed cable is required to provide for an increase in the PTA’s electricity demand resulting from additional rail cars needed to meet the rising number of train commuters.

To accommodate the growth in the PTA’s train services, Western Power is required to install a new 132-kV transmission cable between North Perth and West Perth. The transmission cable will be installed between the North Perth Substation, located on Bourke Street, to a new substation to be established on Sutherland Street, West Perth. The new substation will convert high voltage to a lower voltage to reinforce the supply to the rail network.

The works will include:

  • The installation of 132-kV transmission cable by open-trenching method within the road bitumen.
  • The construction of an additional 132-kV transmission bay within the substation. The transmission bay is electrical equipment that is required to connect the cable to the substation.

To ensure a reliable supply of power to the rail network is maintained, the cable is required to be completed by mid-2014.

Western Power will remain in regular contact with local residents to ensure that they are informed of our progress with this project.

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