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Steel Track Machine

Fecon Inc. has added the FTX350 to its Track Carrier line. The FTX350 is equipped with steel tracks, making it ideal for high production in tight or open places, on soft ground, on rough terrain or where transport weight is important. With various track width options and a machine weight of roughly 28,000 lb (12,700 kg), the ground pressure on the FTX350 can be as low as 3.4 psi. A Cummins engine and steel tracks make the FTX350 Track Carrier a powerful and durable mulching package, as the unit comes equipped with a BH99HD Bull Hog mulcher. The mulcher offers a 30-degree lateral tilt and an 7-ft (2-m) cutting width, allowing for more efficient mulching on uneven terrain. The standard LCD screen with computer-monitoring system and user-friendly controls make this an easy and comfortable machine to operate.

Fecon www.fecon.com

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