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Stainless-Steel Hand Winches

Thern Inc. launches its new Thern Silver Line of products with the new, imported stainless steel TSSBW Series hand winch.

Available in three models offering lifting load capacities of 600, 900 and 1300 lbs, the new TSSBW Series hand winch is fabricated of 304 grade stainless steel and features solid steel machine cut gears, gear covers and automatic brakes. TSSBW Series hand winches are designed for light duty applications requiring corrosion resistance.

Designed for full integration with Thern’s increasingly popular davit crane line, Thern’s Silver Line of hand winches offer operators an economic option for lifting and pulling small to medium sized loads while ensuring product compatibility and increasing the range of crane package options available. Whether it’s lifting dies, positioning conveyors or pulling material carts, TSSBW Series hand winches are up to the task.

TSSBW Series hand winches carry a 6 month warranty and are currently available for customer order.

Thern Inc. www.thern.com

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