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Southern California Edison Auld-Moraga No. 2 Subtransmission Line Project Underway

Southern California Edison’s Auld-Moraga No. 2 Project will be 8.7 miles of new 115-kV line connecting the existing Auld Substation in Murrieta, CA with the existing Moraga Substation in Temecula, CA. Construction is underway with transmission crews currently installing new poles to accommodate the new 115 kV line. In addition, the existing 115-kV line is being transferred to the new poles. Distribution crews are currently transferring the existing 33-kV lines to the new poles already set. The work is taking place within existing SCE easements and along public streets.

SCE reports this project is needed first to serve current and project demand for electricity in Temecula and Murrieta and nearby areas of unincorporated Riverside County. Second, it will maintain electric system reliability in the area which has undergone rapid development in the past several years leading to a significant increase in the demand for electricity in the area. The existing 115-kV line serving this area of Riverside County has reached its capacity to deliver power.

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