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Significant Milestone Reached on Improvements to Morristown Underground Electrical Network

Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) has completed the installation of two new electrical switches in the Morristown underground network. The new switches, weighing about 500 lb each, will improve service reliability in the downtown area by using the latest enhanced technology to redirect power in the area should outages occur.

"We are committed to continuous improvement of our infrastructure to deliver the quality service our customers expect and deserve," said JCP&L President Don Lynch. The switch replacements mark a significant accomplishment to improve the service reliability of the Morristown underground network."

Earlier this year, JCP&L started work on several infrastructure projects on the network. In addition to the two switch replacements, since February the company has:

  • Sampled oil in the electrical underground network transformers and completed preventative maintenance on circuit breakers
  • Completed adding special animal guards on four circuits at the Morristown substation to prevent animal-related outages
  • Completed additional training for employees on electrical vault inspections and data collection to support effective preventative maintenance
  • Completed electrical safety training on the underground network for Morristown firefighters
  • Installed a similar electrical switch in the underground network Work will also begin this week to upgrade relays at the Morristown substation to reduce the length of any future power outages.
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