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Siemens to Deliver Five Power Transformers to Finland

Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) has received its largest ever order from Scandinavia from Fingrid. The Finnish power supply company is currently expanding its supply network so that it is equipped to meet the increasing power requirement of industry. The delivery comprises five 400-MVA power transformers worth EUR 20 million. The transformers will go into operation from 2008 to 2010.

Siemens PTD already delivered a 400-MVA power transformer in 2004, thereby demonstrating its expertise in the area of large-scale power transformers. Like the version already in operation the ordered transformers will link the 110-kV to the 400-kV high-voltage level. Some of the transformer substations for which the transformers are destined are located 500 km north of Helsinki. Temperatures down to minus 50°C which can occur between October and March demand high standards in terms of design and manufacture. Under conditions of extreme cold and with load variations in operation the transformer oil, for instance, must be suitably conditioned in order to ensure that it remains liquid. Because of the high intrinsic weight of 300 metric tons each, transporting the transformers to their operating locations will also be a logistics tour de force. The journey from Nuremberg by inland waterway vessel, coastal freighter, railway and heavy load transporter will take about three to four weeks.

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