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Rugged New Cold Shrink Quick Splice from 3M Offers Added Protection

A tough, new, low-voltage splice from 3M combines the reliability of cold shrink technology with a broad cable range. The two sizes of 3M Cold Shrink Quick Splice Low Voltage QSLV-M include factory-installed mastic in each end of the tube to accommodate an especially wide cable range.

This new 3M cold shrink splice for connections up to 1000 V is expanded onto three individual cores. It is different from other insulating and sealing methods because when the two short end cores are removed, the solid middle core stays in place over the connector. This means the connector is better protected and at the same time, the insulation is less likely to be damaged by sharp connector edges or high-profile connectors.

The QSLV-M splices are designed for indoor or buried outdoor cables, such as those secondary cables between transformers and user connections, such as houses. For aluminum connectors, cable sizes covered are #8 AWG – 2/0 AWG and #2 AWG – 500 kcmil. For copper connectors, cable sizes are #8 AWG – 3/0 AWG and #2 AWG to 1000 kcmil.

These splices are designed to seal tightly and retain resiliency and pressure, even after years of aging and exposure. They have excellent wet electrical properties and resist fungus, acids and alkalies. They can be used in direct-bury or submersible applications. They meet the testing requirements for ANSI C119.1.

Cold shrink technology was developed by 3M more than 40 years ago. Products made of cold shrink can be installed by hand without extensive training, special tools or a heat gun or torch. 3M cold shrink insulators are designed to remain resilient and continue to provide a constant interface pressure and a highly reliable moisture seal even after years of aging and exposure.

3M www.3M.com/electrical

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