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Resin Systems Implements Lifetime Pole Guarantee

Resin Systems Inc. has announced that its RStandard modular composite poles will now feature a 41-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee.

In the unlikely event that a utility customer discovers a manufacturing defect with an RStandard pole, the RS warranty will provide for a replacement pole at no additional charge if the defect is reported and verified within 41 years of the date of its delivery to the customer.

Under the new lifetime guarantee, RS will replace any pole that fails as a result of the physical loads imposed by ice, snow, wind, or lightning strikes.

"With a 41-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a lifetime guarantee against failure, we are providing the electric power delivery industry the new high-strength, long lasting grid support structures they have wanted for years and with virtually no risk," stated Paul Giannelia, president and chief executive officer of RS. "Since our poles are non-corrosive, relatively maintenance free, impervious to pests, lightweight, fire resistant, and environmentally benign, they provide utilities with the lowest cost of ownership. RStandard poles are the smart and sustainable choice for supporting the new smart grids."

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