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Rescue and Retrieval System

The Pelsue LifeGuard Rescue and Retrieval system is a 5000-lb anchor point and a manhole barricade in a single unit. The system is lightweight and more easily deployed or stored than a traditional tripod. The system is man-rated based on a proof-load of 5000 lb, and weighs less than 75 lb.

This lightweight system has two components. The barricade meets the requirements of OSHA for a common manhole opening and is tested and man-rated. The upper assembly includes two anchor points affording a 5000-lb proof-load for the LG5. The LGL system is man-rated based on an 1800-lb proof-load. It has two anchor points, which meets the ANSI and OSHA standards for a fall-arrest anchor when used by a competent person.

Both units will accommodate industry standard winches such as the Pelsue man-rated rescue and retrieval winches and self-retracting-lifeline devices.


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