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Renewal of the Electricity Grid between Ferrara and Bologna Underway

Four high-voltage pylons located near the Ferrara, Italy Focomorto power station will be removed as part of an overall upgrading of the electricity grid in the area. The efficient collaboration and exchanges brought forward by the Provincial Authorities, the Municipality of Ferrara and Terna allowed advancing the dates and also represents an excellent example of coordination.

The project, which is the first step of a series of measures to be implemented, is part of the agreements between Terna, the Provincial Authorities and the Municipality of Ferrara for renewing the electricity grid in the area in a sustainable way. The projects are aimed at improving the reliability of the high voltage grid and at its upgrading in the area between Ferrara and Bologna.

The four pylons to be removed, two of which are located within the power station’s enclosed area and the other two in the immediate vicinity, are steel structures between 24 and 30 m in height for a total weight of approximately 200 tons.

The pylons will be cut at their base and then completely removed from the ground up to 1.5 m deep. The removal activities also include the restoration of the area involved. The supports belonged to the 132 kV "Ferrara Focomorto – Ferrara Zona Industriale" line and to the "Ferrara Focomorto – Copparo" electricity line built in the 1970s.

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