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Reconfiguring Series Compensation on Sweden’s SvK Transmission Network Optimizes Existing Grid

Reconfiguring Series Compensation on Sweden’s SvK Transmission Network Optimizes Existing Grid

GE’s Digital Energy announced the successful completion of a modernization project with Sweden’s state-owned utility Svenska kraftnät (SvK) that will allow SvK to transport more power on the existing power line.

“SvK is happy with GE’s execution of the project. Through our collaborative relationship we delivered the project on-time without technical issues,” said Jan Nesterud project manager at SvK. “The addition of a new substation reduced the total length of the transmission line, and the compensation required on that line had to be reduced accordingly. GE proposed a reconstruction that limited the overall effort and impact on operations and maintenance. This was a significant advantage for SvK.”

GE was responsible for the design, supply, and testing of their original series compensation substation in Vittersjo located 206 km north of Stockholm. GE’s scope of this project included upgrading the capacitors and protection scheme.

Today SvK’s series compensation system operates in parallel with existing equipment on the network to provide higher currents at lower compensation levels – ultimately transporting more power on the transmission network.

The function of a series compensation system and its capacitors in a power grid is to improve efficiency by minimizing electrical losses and increase the overall transfer capacity of the transmission system. GE’s extensive experience in developing series compensation technology extends over seven decades beginning in 1928 with the initial supply of the first series capacitor installation for New York Power and Light. Since then, GE has continued to provide global utilities with systems that are reliable, increase power transfer and improve system stability.

“In today’s global economy our utility and industrial customers are being asked to do more with less,” said Bob Turko, General Manager, GE Digital Energy. “Utilities like SvK have adapted and are leveraging GE’s high voltage capabilities to minimize power losses and deliver reliable electricity in an ever changing grid.”

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