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PPL Electric Utilities to Strengthen Delivery System for Customers in Parts of Monroe County

PPL Electric Utilities announced two projects to improve electric service for customers in portions of Monroe County, PA by meeting growing demand for electricity and improving electric service reliability for thousands of customers in two areas of the county – in the Effort, Jonas and Sun Valley area and in and around Appenzell.

“A new substation and power line are needed in the Effort, Jonas and Sun Valley area to keep up with increased customer demand and to protect existing local power lines from overloading,” said David E. Schleicher, vice president of Transmission for PPL Electric Utilities.

“In the Appenzell area, a new substation and a power line will help improve electric service reliability by providing a second local source of power for customers,” he said.

Schleicher said PPL Electric Utilities has not selected the final routes for the new 138-kV transmission lines. It is expected that the power line in the Effort, Jonas and Sun Valley area will be about 5 to 6 mi long, and the line in the Appenzell area will be about 2 to 3 mi long, depending on the route selected.

The public will have input into where the transmission lines are placed, he said, as part of a detailed study process that also will include performing environmental studies and looking at alternative routes. “We understand that building new electrical facilities can raise questions, and we want the public’s input on these projects,” Schleicher said.

The company will file plans for each new line with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission for approval. PPL Electric Utilities hopes to have the substations and power lines in place by the fall of 2011.

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