Powerlink New Ingham to Tully 275kV Line Completed

Powerlink New Ingham to Tully 275-kV Line Completed

Construction activities for Powerlink’s new 275/132-kV transmission line from Ingham to Tully are now complete and the line has been commissioned (i.e. energized). This line replaces the former 132-kV transmission line between Powerlink's Ingham and Tully substations, which was recently decommissioned when it reached the end of its service life. The new line will ensure the continued reliability of high voltage electricity supply to Far North Queensland, Australia.

Powerlink’s construction team has been working closely with landowners, stakeholders and members of the community during the construction of the transmission line. We wish to sincerely thank all for cooperation and patience throughout the project’s duration.

Remaining activities

Powerlink has commissioned the Ingham to Tully transmission line, which means it is now energiszd and connected to Queensland’s electricity transmission network.

While construction is now complete, there are some minor site rehabilitation activities which Powerlink will be undertaking between December 2013 and early 2014.

These rehabilitation activities will involve stabilizing access tracks and tower sites, which includes implementing erosion control measures and revegetation work where necessary.

Powerlink is committed to working with landowners to complete these rehabilitation works quickly and safely, and minimize any potential disruption.

Ongoing maintenance

With the Ingham to Tully transmission line now complete, there will be a need for ongoing maintenance of these assets. Powerlink’s assets in Far North Queensland are maintained by Ergon Energy. Maintenance inspections of the new line will be undertaken annually using 4WD vehicles, and, from time to time, helicopters. Regular, proactive maintenance work is undertaken on all our transmission lines, including vegetation control and upkeep of access tracks. From time to time, our personnel may need to urgently access the line to carry out necessary repair work. For this reason, Powerlink (and Ergon Energy) require 24 hour access to the transmission line easement.

Further information about this project is available at Powerlink’s website at www.powerlink.com.au. Go to ‘Projects/Far North/Ingham to Tully.

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