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Power Supply for Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, to be Reinforced

Haaksbergen municipality, Tne Netherlands, has been affected by several power failures over the past years. A number of disruptions in the nearby high-voltage grid resulted in the Haaksbergen and Eibergen substations being disconnected for a long time. In connection with these events, TenneT decided to conduct a study into the possibilities for expanding the high-voltage grid in the region concerned. This study has revealed that an additional connection will increase the security of supply for Haaksbergen. TenneT, the operator of the national electricity grid which since January 2008 has been responsible for all high-voltage grids of 110 kV and higher, will be installing the new connection during the coming year, in collaboration with Essent Netwerk.

The new connection will be installed between Haaksbergen and Hengelo. It concerns a high-voltage connection of 110-kV which will be realized entirely below ground. The new connection will have consequences for the residents of the region. They may be affected by the installation of the cable during the years to come. TenneT is aware of this and wants to involve these residents in the process in a timely manner. Therefore, we will be making use of local knowledge and experience so that we can take the various interests into account wherever possible. Throughout the process, we will collaborate closely with the relevant municipal authorities.

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