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Power Line Replacement Effort to Begin in Norfolk

Starting mid-August and running through mid-October, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will replace power lines and necessary poles along a one-mile stretch west on Benjamin Ave. between Highway 81 and the roundabout on 25th Street.

“The purpose of this project is to increase energy delivery in Norfolk,” said Norfolk Account Manager Larry Arens. A second 1.25 mile section from the 25th Street roundabout south to Highway 275 will be refurbished in the spring of 2010.

In order to complete the project, it will be necessary to block off the south lane of Benjamin Avenue to traffic. “NPPD realizes that this is a highly-traveled street so our crews will have cones to help direct traffic around the work area,” Arens added, “and we will be blocking off the sidewalk to pedestrian traffic, since that will be in a construction zone.” Crews will work one block at a time, keeping traffic congestion along the roadway to a minimum and no significant traffic delays are expected.

The safety of employees and the public is also important to NPPD. The public is advised to practice safety when traveling near or within the vicinity of work areas, particularly where the installation work is being done. “We want the public to be safe,” said Brent Arens, NPPD District Superintendent in Norfolk. “It is something we pledge to be at NPPD, and we ask that our friends and neighbors near our work areas do the same.”

Due to the amount of large equipment and work involved, damage to property, particularly lawns, shrubs and other vegetation, is expected. NPPD right-of-way agents will be involved in the process to address any repairs or damages with affected property owners, when a block is completed.

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